The mission of the Jewish Federation of San Antonio is to strengthen Jewish communities here, everywhere, always. Founded in 1927, Federation is dedicated to building a strong Jewish community in San Antonio and worldwide through its Annual Campaign, and by providing meaningful opportunities for Jewish individuals and families. Federation is composed of people who strive to perfect an imperfect world. Federation is where passion and commitment, along with tzedakah and a sense of social justice, join together to make a difference in someone’s life.



"Love your neighbor as yourself." (Leviticus 19:18)


We actively support our community’s diversity, independence, and differences of opinion. We value the importance of building meaningful relationships across both the Jewish and greater San Antonio communities to identify common goals, objectives, and opportunities. Respect highlights our commitment to the Jewish community and collectively bringing the community’s desires and needs to fruition.



"Speak truth in your heart." (Psalms 15:2)


As the stewards of our community’s philanthropic gifts and the convener of community goals, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. Our commitment to building authentic relationships, following principles that highlight our dedication to our Jewish moral and ethical ideals, and creating an inviting culture that espouses what we seek in the greater community, highlight the ways we maintain integrity at all levels. Integrity is our commitment to selflessness and the pursuit of a higher goal.



"From this generation to all future generations." (Psalms 146:10)


The Jewish community’s survival has depended on the passing of our faith and traditions from one generation to the next (m’dor l’dor). The Jewish Federation’s role is to convene the community by facilitating and taking the lead in the planning process for our Jewish community’s best interests, including religious, social, and economic impact. The sustainability of this community is the highest priority of the Jewish Federation on behalf of this community, short term, and long term.



"All Jews are responsible one for another." (Shavuot 39a)


The Jewish Federation of San Antonio is founded to ensure a healthy, active, and vibrant Jewish community. We are here because generations ago, our ancestors invested in the resources from which we benefit and promote this community today.  We believe we must continue to invest in this principle in order to ensure that the last 5,000-year links are not broken under our watch. Our responsibility for one another builds community through nurturing trusted relations across and within each generation.

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