For Camperships, Jewish Overnight High Schools, Undergraduate, Pre-Med, and Graduate Studies.


DUE BY APRIL 9, 2021


Eligibility for scholarships is based primarily on financial need. 

Grants for non-profit agencies ranging to $500 - $7,500 available for new projects or programs designed to ensure or promote the vitality of the local Jewish community.

Scholarships are available to students entering grades 2 - 12.


*If you applied in 2020, please apply again for a 2021 Campership.

Scholarships are available to students attending Jewish High School outside of San Antonio.


*If you are seeking scholarship for TASA, please contact the school directly.

Scholarships are available to individuals seeking to further their undergraduate education.

Scholarships are available to Jewish students whose university studies are in pre-med in the United States.

Scholarships are available to individuals seeking a postgraduate degree in Jewish education, Rabbinical, or Cantorial studies.


Applications must be submitted online no later than April 9, 2021





  • 2019 or 2020 IRS 1040
  • Copies of W-2 forms
  • Additional documentation may be required


If you have additional questions about scholarship applications or program grants,

please contact Beth Keough, Director of Philanthropy

210.302.6813 |