The Federation publishes an online community calendar located in two places: and as a menu option on

San Antonio's Jewish agencies and synagogues are welcome to submit events and programs to be listed on the Community Calendar. Your event should meet these requirements:

San Antonio Jewish Community Calendar Procedures & Guidelines

· ALL submissions MUST be submitted online (exceptions to be handled on an individual basis).

· Submissions may be sent directly to Eva Laporte, Director of Communications & Engagement at and must include each required field in this form.

· Calendar events are submitted as they are received. Submit early, when possible. Please allow 7-9 business days to appear on the public calendar (urgent exceptions may be agreed upon on an individual basis).

· Tentative dates are accepted and will be added to the calendar. Please notify JFSA when a tentative date needs to be removed.

· Federation will attempt to advise organizations of other coinciding events before adding an event to the calendar, however it is strongly suggested that you check the calendar for conflicts prior to submission.

· It is the obligation of the agencies with coinciding events to communicate with each other and ensure that their respective events are not in conflict. The JFSA is not responsible for other organizations or agencies booking dates in conflict.

· If there are any changes in the date, time, location, etc. of an event, it is the responsibility of that organization to inform the JFSA of those changes. Dates are listed based on the most recent information given to the Federation.

Note: Recurring events (ie weekly, ongoing classes/events that occur more than once a month) will not be added to the public calendar. If you have any questions regarding calendar submission, please contact the front office at 210-302-6960.