The purposes of the CRC:

  • To promote and advance the interests of the Jewish people, to preserve and maintain the dignity and integrity of the Jewish people, and to defend and protect their civil, political, and religious rights wherever such rights, or the rights of individual Jews, are in jeopardy.
  • To develop and articulate intelligent and effective public positions on Jewish problems and interests.
  • To coordinate the community relations activities of the various segments of the Jewish community of San Antonio, and to cooperate with other agencies in the effort to provide unified and effective action on behalf of the Jewish community.
  • To act as the council of representatives for the organized Jewish community of San Antonio.
  • To interpret the positions and needs of the State and people of Israel to the local Jewish community, the community at large and the various levels of government.
  • To foster freedom of opinion, expression and association, to help assure freedom of religious practice, and to help maintain the separation of church and state.
  • To strive for equal opportunity and equal justice for all people; to foster understanding, cooperation and amicable relationships between the Jewish and general communities, including other ethnic, racial, national and religious groups; to endeavor with the Jewish and general communities to resolve issues of mutual concern; and to develop effective public opinion and action on those issues.
  • To foster understanding, cooperation, and sound and amicable relationships among Jewish organizations in San Antonio, and to encourage consensus building on public issues, where needed, among and between such organizations.


Winslow Swart



Kevin Epstein



Betul Ozmat


THE 2019-2020 COUNCIL

Rabbi Jeffrey Abraham

Irwin Barath

Marion H. Bernstein

Rabbi Chaim Block

Mindy Cohen

Maxine Cohen

Deb Field     

Tevia Friedman

Nancy Gerson

Marge Gregerman

Charles Gruber

Marianne Kestenbaum

Rabbi David Komerofsky

Marsha Krassner

Daniel Laser

Peggy Leff

Zac Levin

Mina Lopez

Anaelle Nunez

Barbara Powell

Laura Richardson

Rachel Rustin

Rabbi Aryeh Scheinberg

Hazzan David Silverstein

Bennett Stahl

Natalie Steiner

Lori Stockstiel

Rachel Walsh

Ruth Wurzburg

Rabbi Marina Yergin




CRC Monthly Meetings



MLK Jr. Interfaith Service

Sunday, January 19, 2020


Community Unity March

Monday, January 20, 2020


Jewish Communties Day

Date TBD