6 2015

2nd Annual City of Shavano Park Hanukkah Menorah Lighting Ceremony

5:30PM - 6:15PM  

Shavano Park City Hall (NW Military Hwy./ Dezevala Rd) 900 Saddletree Court
Shavano Park, TX 78231

Contact David A. Marne

The City of Shavano Park, for the second year, has been placing a wonderful menorah in front of the city hall offices (near our prized roadrunner) which is the centerpoint for a gathering of families each night of Chanukah.  We assemble at 5:30pm, sing a few rousing songs of thanks and ask an attendee to light the lights of the menorah.  Often a community rabbi attends to offer a brief comment or words of wisdom but the emphasis is fellowship, warmth and hope.

Please let any friends in the Shavano Park or nearby community also join us.

From start to finish is about 25-30 minutes.