13 2022

TBE: Rabbi Minna Bromeberg, PHD - Fat Torah (3)

9:30AM - 10:30AM  

Temple Beth El Temple Beth-El Reform Congregation Homepage | San Antonio (beth-elsa.org)

February 13th topic: Sacred Speech - Jewish tradition teaches that the words we speak have the power to create or destroy entire worlds. Just as God creates the world through speech, so does our own speech—as God’s partners in the work of Creation—hold tremendous power. How can we harness the power of how we speak about our bodies to make our communities more welcoming to all?
Rabbi Minna Bromberg is here to smash the idolatry of weight stigma and lead us all from Narrowness to Freedom. We bring together the inner work of tikkun halev (healing the heart) with the social justice of tikkun olam (repairing the world). We provide education, awareness-building, and mentoring for confronting weight stigma and growing communities where every body belongs. We believe that Jewish tradition both calls us to this work and can be deployed for the liberation of all bodies. Prior registration is required.