Israel & Overseas


Driven by our Jewish values, we care for and connect with our global Jewish family – in Israel and beyond.


We support and strengthen Jewish life around the world. The global reach of the Jewish Federation of San Antonio and the Jewish Federations network is unparalleled. Together, we’ve built and sustained programs in more than 70 countries, ensuring that Jewish communities everywhere are vibrant and resilient.


We create strong connections with Israel, and our Jewish homeland, educate about our shared economic and cultural ties, support programs in struggling communities worldwide, respond to crises, and empower people to advocate for Israel.

Partnership 2Gether Region: Building Bridges Across Communities

Partnership2Gether (P2G) is a program of The Jewish Agency and The Jewish Federations of North America, promoting people-to-people relationships through cultural, social, medical, educational, and economic programs. This Partnership is between the 16 U.S. communities of the Central Area Consortium, Israel’s Western Galilee, and Budapest, Hungary.  Read more.

  • Jessica Diric and Orit Eylon in Budapest,Hungary


Shinshin (ש”ש) is the Hebrew acronym for Shenat Sherut (שנת שירות), meaning Year of Service. The ShinShinim program is the “year of service program” that offers Israeli high school graduates an opportunity to delay mandatory service in the Israel Defense Forces and serve Diaspora communities for up to 10 months. The program allows communities to meet young Israeli ambassadors who perform meaningful service prior to entering the army. 

Israel Leadership Fellowship

This fellowship brings together local Jewish high school juniors and seniors for a five-week interactive program where they will learn to answer tough questions about Israel they may face online and in college. Fellows map their Jewish journeys and relationship with Israel while deepening their understanding of its complexities.

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