The Holiest Days on the Jewish Calendar
Judaism, like all religions, has a variety of observance levels. The three most commonly observed holidays are Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Passover. They are sacred days during which we attend prayer services, convene with family, and refrain from secular work. I ask that the school district be sensitive to scheduling important events on these three holidays and that teachers and administrators are gracious to students who take time to observe any of the Jewish holidays throughout the year.
Sunday night September 25 - Tuesday night September 27, 2022
The Jewish New Year begins the evening of Sunday, September 25, and continues for two days through Tuesday, September 27. Students observing might miss Sunday evening activities and be absent Monday, September 26, and Tuesday, September 27, although some students may only observe the first day.
Tuesday night October 4 - Wednesday night October 5, 2022
The holiest day of the year begins the evening of Tuesday, October 4, and extends until sundown on Wednesday, October 5. This is a very solemn day of refraining from food and drink and begins with a very important service, called Kol Nidre, on Tuesday night. Students observing will miss Tuesday evening events and will be absent on Wednesday as well. Since they will be fasting and in prayers all day Wednesday until 8:30 pm, they also will not be studying or doing homework
Wednesday night April 5 and Thursday night April 6, 2023
The festival of Passover lasts 8 days and begins on the evening of Wednesday, April 5 (and concludes April 13). The first two nights include a Seder, an important prayer service, and a meal with family. Most Jewish students will not be available for evening activities both of the first nights, though some only celebrate the first night and some might miss school as well. Many students will observe special dietary restrictions during the entire 8 days.


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