1. What is J-LEV?

J-LEV is a cohort-based leadership development program designed for young professionals who want to take their participation in Jewish community leadership to the next level through a series of interactive and engaging sessions around Jewish values and wisdom. Participants will advance their leadership skills, learn about San Antonio Jewish partnering agencies, lay leadership opportunities, build relationships with their peers, and put that knowledge into action.

2. What does J-LEV Stand for?

J-LEV is an acronym for Jewish-Leadership, Jewish-Engagement, and Jewish-Values. LEV in Hebrew means heart and participants in J-LEV are committed to the success of Jewish San Antonio. J-LEV’s role is to act as a voice and “heart” to ensure a vibrant future through leadership, Jewish values, and knowledge about our city’s Jewish agencies.

3. How long is the J-LEV program?

The full J-LEV program is 8 sessions, with 1 session per month.

4. Besides my time, what other commitments do I need to know in order to participate in J-LEV?

A financial investment of at least $360 annually or $30 monthly to the 2023 Jewish Federation of San Antonio Annual Campaign. All J-LEV members are encouraged to participate in relevant activities and programs at JFSA. Participation is critical to the course’s overall success, J-LEV requires attendance to at least 7 of the 8 in-person classes.

5. Is J-LEV a good fit for me?

  • You are passionate about professional development and learning.
  • You are (financially) invested in the future of Jewish San Antonio.
  • You are energized by the idea of dedicating time to a lay leadership role at a Jewish agency of choice.
  • You are excited to deepen your connection to Judaism and the San Antonio Jewish community.
  • You are social and enjoy building a network of peers and mentors.
  • You are ready to make an impact!

If you answered "yes" to the above, then J-LEV is for you!

6. I know someone that would be great for this program, do you accept nominations?

Absolutely! Please email Mayra Levy at Levym@JFSATX.org with the following contact information: Full Name, Email, Phone Number

7. When can I apply?

Applications open July 24, 2023, and close August 25, 2023.

Once your application is received, you will be contacted by Mayra Levy, Development Associate to set up an interview day and time. (In-person or on Zoom, it is up to you!) Applicants will be notified of acceptance to the J-LEV Leadership Program no later than September 13, 2023. 

Interested? Contact Mayra Levy, Development Associate at Levym@jfsatx.org

J-Lev Cohort 1 (Fall 2021 - Spring 2022)

The first cohort kicked off in the fall with participants Ben Alterman, Hollie Lyko, Kelly Petlin Beaty, Zachary Roth, and Shannon Seglin. Following completion of the program, Kelly Petlin Beaty began serving on the JFSA Board and Shannon Seglin is now co-chair of Temple Beth-El's Sisterhood

Nammie Ichilov, Kelly Petlin Beaty, Ben Alterman (via Zoom), Hollie Lyko, Shannon Seglin, and Zach Roth

Kelly Petlin Beaty, Shannon Seglin, Hollie Lyko, and Zach Roth learning about PJ Library

Ben Alterman, Zach Roth, Hollie Lyko, Kelly Petlin Beaty, Shannon Seglin, and Nammie Ichilov, pictured with LIFE&LEGACY Year 3 Celebration featured speaker, Rabbi Daniel Cohen (center)

Graduation dinner hosted by the Ichilovs (left to right): Lisa and Nammie Ichilov, Jeremy Rosen and Anna Schragin, Shannon Seglin, Kelly Petlin and Evan Beaty, Ben Alterman, Hollie Lyko and Zach Roth

J-LEV Cohort 2 (Fall 2022 - Spring 2023)

After the success of cohort 1, the second cohort began in October 2022 and had almost double the number of participants! Cohort 2 partcipants include Noah Barshop, Dr. Jasmine Bonder, Hannah Cramer, Melissa McLeaird, Emily Petrescu, Sam Planto, Sarah Ram, Molly Rosenblatt, and Alan Yancelson.  Graduates have become involved across the community - Melissa is the co-chair for PJ Library, Sam started a Jewish Affinity Networking group at his work and has volunteered with Jewish Family Service, Noah serves on the JFSA Board, Jasmine is involved with Israel and overseas programs as well as all things healthcare, to name a few. 

Jasmine Bonder, Molly Rosenblatt, Noah Barshop, Sam Planto, Alan Yancelson, Hannah Cramer, Emily Petrscu, Melissa McLeaird, and Sarah Ram

Alan Yancelson and Sarah Ram at one of the sessions

Noah Barshop, Melissa McLeaird, and Emily Petrescu

Nammie Ichilov and Anna Schragin (second from right), presented certificates to the graduates at the 2023 JFSA Annual Meeting