Welcome to the Jewish Federation’s Annual Campaign Allocation Application Webpage.


The following information is designed to simplify the application process and to guide you through the new features of the application process.

The Planning & Allocations process has always served as a cornerstone of the Jewish Federation and enables the Federation to support and promote the Jewish community’s initiatives, direction, and strategic plan.

Updates for the FY23 Application

JFSA has made important changes to the current funding model, which will better support agency funding projections as well as generate meaningful community-wide initiatives to sustain a vibrant and engaged San Antonio Jewish community:


1. Funding Schedule

JFSA is shifting from its current annual allocations model to fund longer-term (up to four years) projects carried out over several years as follows (single year funding will continue in the same format as has historically been funded):  


  1. FY23: funding via committee allocation
  2. FY24: up to 80% of the first-year allocation (at committee discretion)
  3. FY25: up to 60% of the first-year allocation (at committee discretion)
  4. FY26: up to 40% of the first-year allocation (at committee discretion)



2. Funding Operations

In addition to funding programming initiatives, the Federation will offer funding opportunities to support agency operation’s expenses as follows:


  1. Possible match of an additional 25% to 100% of the program allocation for unrestricted operations funding.


  1. Applying organizations must identify their ideal operations percentage requested and include a specific explanation.



3. Federation and Campaign Recognition 

In order to continue to raise the necessary funds to support the annual allocations process, agencies must publicly recognize the Federation for funding agency programs. Additionally, agencies must ensure the following:


  1. Impact Statements – Donors to the Annual Campaign must be informed about how their gifts impact the beneficiaries of your programs.  Future funding may depend on agencies’ ability to circulate effective impact statements attesting to the Federation’s role in funding programs. If an agency needs help collecting data for these impact statements, they are expected to contact Federation directly to fulfill this requirement. 


  1. Branding – When highlighting the Federation's allocation gift, agencies must follow Federation branding requirements. (click to view).


Program Outcome Check-In Forms

Twice a year we ask all agencies that receive funding, to submit a check-in form. This helps Federation and agencies track progress, engagement, and is a good indicator for overall success. Federation runs on a fiscal year starting in July and ending in June. 


The January form will be an assessment of the first six months (July 1 - December 31) and will be due on January 31st.


The July form will be an assessment of the next six months (January 1 - June 30) and will be due on July 31st. 

Please download and complete the following budget worksheets to then upload to your Outcome Reports:

Agency Budget Worksheet

Program Budget Worksheet