What are ShinShinim?

Shinshin (ש”ש) is the Hebrew acronym for Shenat Sherut (שנת שירות), meaning Year of Service. The ShinShinim program is the “year of service program” that offers Israeli high school graduates an opportunity to delay mandatory service in the Israel Defense Forces and serve Diaspora communities for up to 10 months. The program allows communities to meet young Israeli ambassadors who perform meaningful service prior to entering the army. 



Who are our ShinShinim? 

San Antonio was selected to host two ShinShinim, Yael and Asaf. They both have extensive volunteering experience and have undergone a competitive process to become a ShinShin. Over the course of their year here, they will speak across our community, and you'll learn more about each of them.

Welcome Israel Into Your Home!

Do you want to host a ShinShin in your home for 3-4 months? Check out the expectations and application. Then contact the Director of Israel & Community Programs, Sammi Mazuz, at mazuzs@jfsatx.org