Your Federation is the heart and soul of North American Jewry's philanthropic and humanitarian activities. It embodies a 3,500-year-old tradition of caring that goes back to the giving of the Torah and sustains us in the bold pursuit of Jewish community, Jewish values and Jewish peoplehood.

Community Relations 

The Community Relations Council is the Community Relations, Public Policy and Advocacy Arm of the Jewish Federation of San Antonio.  It is composed of representatives of all the major Jewish organizations and synagogues in San Antonio. It also includes members-at-large.   



Jewish Literacy Coalition

The San Antonio Jewish Coalition for Literacy places Volunteer Tutors in Schools during the school day to mentor students.  The Tutors help the students with their reading skills or other learning opportunities. They also provide a consistent caring adult in the lives of their students.  

Our Partnership in Israel 

The Jewish Federation of San Antonio is in a partnership with the Western Galilee area in Israel.  There are 15 communities in Texas and the mid West who form a consortium in this partnership.  The Western Galilee includes Nahariya and Acco.